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Far Cry levels

After finishing far cry I was on the look out for more levels and mods. (Of course I'm drooling with anticipation for far cry 2). I found that Matto's mods/maps were amazing. I played Matto3 and had a lot of fun. Matto has injected a lot of wry humor into the scenery. Also, if you are the kind that investigates every corner of the map, you may receive unexpected "rewards" !

I found that filefront has a bunch of far cry mods and files and a terrible page layout. Here are the single player maps and mods. Always be careful with mods!

Now, I gotta try Matto 4!

Upgrading RRiki to Rails 2.0

Ok, in a moment of distraction I upgraded my Rriki setup to rails 2.0. Boom. It stopped working. Even the front page wouldn't work, giving me a 500 error. I looked through the log and found that it was some cookie thing and it was fixed by adding the line

config.action_controller.session = { :session_key => "_rriki_session", :secret => "some secret phrase of at least 30 characters" }

to the environment.rb file

I tried it again. Firefox would just not load, saying localhost was taking too long to respond. I went into panic mode trying out different things, untill I tried to load google and cnn. Neither worked. I restarted Firefox and got things back. But now I got a

undefined method `extract_options_from_args!'

error, even on the first page. I started to mess mess with my find syntax but decided that shouldn't be the problem. After looking at the error message closely I realised that even though I thought I had no strange (i.e. foreign, not written by …

Inkscape, vista and windows explorer

On vista, I've had this problem that windows explorer will suddenly crash. It restarts itself, but I have to reopen all the folders I've had open. Other people have had this problem. One condition that causes the crash is if I write a new .svg file to a folder that is open.

This page suggests to turn off the DEP, but that looks risky to me.
This page suggests turning off search indexing, but my indexing is off.

Opensource note taking software

Jarnal allows you to write notes on top of a pdf background (you can also use it as just a note taker). If you have a tablet pc bully for you, other wise you can type in notes on top of the pdf. It would be neat if you could embed this in a browser, say to use it from within Rriki.

Notelab is meant for tablet pc users to take notes on a digital note pad.