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Upgrading RRiki to Rails 2.0

Ok, in a moment of distraction I upgraded my Rriki setup to rails 2.0. Boom. It stopped working. Even the front page wouldn't work, giving me a 500 error. I looked through the log and found that it was some cookie thing and it was fixed by adding the line

config.action_controller.session = { :session_key => "_rriki_session", :secret => "some secret phrase of at least 30 characters" }

to the environment.rb file

I tried it again. Firefox would just not load, saying localhost was taking too long to respond. I went into panic mode trying out different things, untill I tried to load google and cnn. Neither worked. I restarted Firefox and got things back. But now I got a

undefined method `extract_options_from_args!'

error, even on the first page. I started to mess mess with my find syntax but decided that shouldn't be the problem. After looking at the error message closely I realised that even though I thought I had no strange (i.e. foreign, not written by me) code in my app that would potentially mess up when rails was updated, I did. I had paginate in my vendors folder. From this page I found that the fix to this is to replace the line

options = extract_options_from_args!(args)


options = args.extract_options!

Then I found out that pagination had been deprecated, nay, tossed out of 2.0.
So I got rid of the pagination plugin and write some elementary pagination into the controllers, so that NEXT time, its only MY code I'll have to worry about.

Yes, I LOVE upgrading, don't you :) ?


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