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Loose Manhole cover II

PG County gets a silver medal for service.

I made a complaint to PG county about a loose manhole cover near our house on Jan 7th. On Jan 9th 3:13pm a gentleman called Wilkerson left a message on our phone system saying that he took a look at the manhole cover and its not part of the PG County drainage system, but belongs to Bell, so I'll have to call them. He also recalls coming over last year to take a look at the same manhole cover. I made a complaint via their web system last year! So they did come. They do exist!

So why am I being such a hard ass and giving them only a Silver medal? Well, Mr. Wilkerson was prompt, he looked into it, and he told me what he found, and how to proceed. To get the gold, PG County should have picked up the phone on my tax paying behalf and chewed out Bell (AT&T? or what ever they are calling themselves nowadays to hide from anti-trust).

Hmm, as a government employee I would have kinda enjoyed harassing a private company because they were giving bad service to a government sector client i.e. everyday Joe.

Anyhoo, Silver medal to PG County for
  1. Easy to find service
  2. Prompt taking of complaint
  3. Prompt response and investigation of complaint
  4. (BUT) Not going that extra mile to fully resolve complaint
Ok, now to track down bell.


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