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Loose Manhole Cover IV

(Read episodes I, II and III first).

I called up CableCom at 1-800-322-6852 and they took my complaint and home number and home address and said someone would call be back in the morning. Lets see how private contractors compare to government workers.

Incidentally, I was curious as to who CableCom was. From google we see that CableCom could be:
  1. A swiss based cable/internet/phone company.
  2. A Wisconsin-based company that does network cabling and fiber optic construction.
  3. A telemarketing company (bad industry, bad industry, don't call me) based who knows where.
  4. A Chicago based contractor.
  5. A UK based cable TV company.
  6. A Norwegian company. And, yess ze doo tak lik Bork, iff you luk at zee leenks like "Kontakt oss" on that page.
And that's just the first two pages. I'm going with the wisconsin one because Verizon has hired CableCom to do the fibreoptic work.


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