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Note how

fancy signature files have gone out of fashion. I got my first email account 1997ish and I saw all this fancy ASCII art at the end of emails and that was part of the charm of email. And then they got annoying. And now, they're rarely used. I wonder what the new thing is. I'll probably find out the decade after they go out of fashion. I'm really lucky that way.

Odd aliasing issue with matplotlib

I was plotting some data collected from an ADC and noticed an odd aliasing issue. The images below are screen caps of the same plot simply with resizing of the window. The correct plot is the middle one that shows symmetric biphasic pulses.

I wonder if there is any way to avoid this kind of aliasing. I vaguely remember MATLAB handled this gracefully. I have found matplotlib's plotting to be superior to MATLAB's in every way (except for 3D) and it would be nice if aliasing could be handled gracefully.

Python humor

In [125]: from __future__ import braces
SyntaxError: not a chance (, line 1)

From slashdot (that fountain of knowledge)

(re)Installing eclipse

Well, I was going for an upgrade (I installed aptana's radrails environment which has all these bells and whistles that I don't want and all these flashing signs that remind me of a cheap motel and it wasn't working quite alright, so I was thinking, may be it is the eclipse version..) and I wiped the existing installation, so I lost all my plugins. So now I have to redo it. And this is as follows: (RadRails) - Check 'Features', but uncheck 'Studio professional', Check support for 'scriptaculous' (pyDev)Let aptana download its own variant of svn for subclipse