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Spotting photographic equipment scammers

  1. Go to nexttag or some other site and figure out the price range of the product
  2. Go to several different resellers and check the prices.
  3. Do a search with the reseller's name along with the phrase 'bait and switch'
  4. Find the product on amazon, adorama, ritzcamera and
If the
  1. Price of the product is much below (say 30%) the well know retailers' prices
  2. Accessories are correspondingly more costly
  3. Extended warranties are correspondingly more costly
  4. website sells the same product at a higher price and it looks like one is body only and the other is kit (but the website does not tell you)
Then be wary. They could be
  1. Trying to bait and switch you (sell you another product after saying out of stock)
  2. Trying to sell you over priced accessories and warranties to make up
  3. Selling a used or refurb kit as new
  4. Just plain old scam you - take your money and not deliver the product.


  1. Or you can simply search, and check out the customer feedback and ratings.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


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