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Deus Ex: Invisible War Crashing: Fix

Symptom: Deus Ex:Invisible War (DEIW) runs fine initially but then becomes 'sped-up'. When you move your character the movement is extremely fast. Other characters move extremely fast. Menu items flash fast, tooltips appear and disappear to quickly. In short it looks like time has sped up. Eventually IW will crash.

Solution (from a tip here): Go to the AMD website and search for "Dual-core optimizer". Install this software.

For other platforms look at the three other suggestions on the linked page.

Endnote X bug for years 2010 and later

No you aren't crazy. Endnote does really screwup when the citation date is 2010 or later. There is a fix here.

Among the new "features" added in this "enhancement" is:
Can import records properly from a wider range of years than ever before, including 2010 and later

Someone overdid it in marketing school.

Vista anti-malware

A computer got infected with this. It pretends that your computer is infected with x amount of spyware/malware and you have to get the registered version to remove the (fake) malware. From the page here the steps to getting rid of this annoyance are:

Type Ctrl/Shift/Escape to bring up the task manager (or right click on the task bar).Kill the ave.exe process. The popups will disappear. Leave the task scheduler up.[NOTE: you can use procexp too]Type Windows/R (to get the Run box) and type regedit and OK. Ave.exe will start again, just do step #2 again.
[Note: Be careful with regedit. If you are not familiar with it, use other solutions for this infection]In Regedit, go to HKCR\.exe\shell\open\command. You will see something like this for (default):
"C:\Documents and Settings\[your account]\Local Settings\Application Data\ave.exe" /START "%1" %*Modify the value to be:
"%1" %*Do the same with HKCR\secfile\shell\open\command.Delete ave.exe from the locatio…

Playing with Spyder

Since they advertise so nicely how it works with numpy and matplotlib... not that there is anything wrong with eclipse and ipython - sometimes you need a quick way to test and idea.

Install SIP from source package (python; make; sudo make install) Download and install PyQT from reiverbank (python; make; sudo make instll)QScintilla
(In /QT4 qmake -spec macx-g++; make; sudo make install)
(In Python/ python; make; sudo make install)Download Spyder source package and install.

April fools

I'm hardened to April Fool's foolishness. But this eclipse rebranding thing really caught me off guard. I was there to see if there was a new version of Eclipse, and I found this: