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Mac Word: Save As Screen Too Big

Problem: The "save as" dialog box is too big for your screen and some of the options (such as new folder) and the resize corner are off screen, making things very, very, annoying.

Solution: Hit the 'shrink' button (up arrow) to see the abbreviated version of the "save as" menu. Then press that button again (now the 'expand' button). The dialog box now will fit the screen and you drag the corner to resize the dialog to a sensible size, which it will store.

From here.


  1. This just made it even worse. Now the top of the window is off the screen as well.....force quite time now!!!!!!

  2. Many thanks! I have a MAC Air 11" and this saved me!

  3. thank you!
    this has been annoying me for ages and I finally got around to googling it.

    so simple too. appreciate people like you who take the time to make our lives smoother.

  4. Wowee. What an easy fix! Thanks so much.

  5. Yeah, this just made it worse for me too, just like the guy above. Thanks tho...

  6. just saved my life!!

  7. Not working here. I've got a user who has this problem big time that nothing seems to solve. Clicking the "shrink" button in any Office program does shrink the menu down, but then when it's clicked again to "un-shrink", the Save As dialog expands again and the resize corner is way off the screen.

    FWIW, application menu bars also are way off the top of the screen, as if they're hiding under the Mac top menu bar. No way to access them (except via keyboard commands) and no way to grab the window's top so we can pull it back down to where it belongs.

    All of these things are Office 2008 specific. Other apps not affected.

    Any ideas?

  8. Thanx! You've just saved me a LOT of irritation for times to come!


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