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Strange crash with pyglet, wxwindows and multiprocessing

The following code will crash. Commenting out the wx import (note that wx is never used) will work as expected.
import multiprocessing as mp import wx def run(): import pyglet w = pyglet.window.Window(resizable=True) while not w.has_exit: w.dispatch_events() w.close() p = mp.Process(target=run) p.start() p.join()

This may be related to the shadow window bug, but setting shadow window to False does not help.

Svn revision numbers

From here:

"Subversion's revision numbers apply to entire trees, not individual files. Each revision number selects an entire tree, a particular state of the repository after some committed change. Another way to think about it is that revision N represents the state of the repository filesystem after the Nth commit. When a Subversion user talks about “revision 5 of foo.c”, they really mean “foo.c as it appears in revision 5.” Notice that in general, revisions N and M of a file do not necessarily differ!"

Reverting code checked into svn

Problem: Someone has checked in code into svn that needs to be reverted back to an older version


svn revert * #To remove all local edits to your working directory
svn merge -r HEAD:XX svn://path/to/repository/trunk/modulename #add the clean revision's code to your working directory as changes. XX is the clean revision.
svn -ci -m"Reverted back to XX" #commit all the 'changes' to the repo