Monday, March 21, 2011

Input Method for Bengali (Bangla) on Mac OS X

  1. Wanted to have an IM for Bangla on the Mac
  2. Didn't find any online
  3. Found this tutorial from Apple on how to make an IM
  4. Only problem is that the system does not seem to support the generation of conjunctions of vowel modifiers.
  5. This means that each and every conjunction and consonant+vowel combination must be present in the file:
    i.e. if we want to write কৌ (kou) we have to set kou = কৌ in the file: we can't build a rule. So this file must have all the possible combinations, like কু  কূ etc. etc.
  6. This is tedious to do by hand. I'm working on a small script to do these mix-n-matches and print out a input method file based on the rules I developed for lekho (see I knew that effort would come in useful some day!)
  7. Jamil Ahmed has put up a bangla dictionary for Firefox.
  8. Input keystrokes are case insensitive.


  1. You can try using Bangla-অঙ্কুর. Its a complete phonetic Bangla IM for Mac.

  2. Oh. I forgot to give you the URL: