Saturday, May 28, 2011

Standalone browser based app

Perhaps my long search for a convenient way to code database frontends that work locally ("desktop app") but leverage the power of a browser as a GUI has come to a successful point. This point involves:
  1. Python (Naturally)
  2. Bottle - a "microframework"
  3. py2app - py2exe for windows
The only tricks making Bottle and  py2app work well together were
  1. You need to explicitly list the template files when calling py2app, otherwise they don't get included in Resources
  2. I had to add a url route (which I called /quit) that called os._exit() to shut down the server (otherwise done using CTRL-C). just exit() and even SIGINT did not work. This is a bit extreme, but I think safe in this usage.
I was happy to see that the created app used the Resources directory as the working directory and the packager put all the files in this directory making things very transparent and worry free.

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