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Deus Ex HR

One of the few games I ever bought when it came out (thus at full price. That's how much I wanted it)Tossing a cardboard box at armed NPCs now leads the bastards to gun you down mercilessly, rather than simply yell at and berate you like they used to do in DEYou can drag a body through the vents.Immersive side-story itemsImproved dialog system much like RPGYou can sell stuff you don't need for cash - so I sell all the lethal weapons, which I don't use.  A LOT of attention has been paid to detail and atmosphere, one of the few games I would recommend to get at full price to reward the creators. If you liked Deus Ex, you will definitely enjoy this one, which has update graphics and some enjoyable new augs.

Travelling on advance parole from India to the US through Frankfurt

The person at the Lufthansa counter accepted the combo EAD/AP cardThe immigration official at Indian customs examined the card closely, looked at my expired H1-B visa stamp, asked me if they would let me in with this card (I said yes) and then let me passAt Frankfurt, I was asked if I have a visa, I said "Yes, a German visa" (I had a one year multiple entry German visa). She did not flip through the passport to actually find the visa, she just let me through after looking at the front page. Current regulations state you need a transit visa if you are on AP and are not from one of the visa waiver countries.At US immigration I was asked to fill out the white I-94 card and sent to secondary inspectionAt secondary inspection the lady asked a few questions about my specialization and then stamped the I-94 card as "DA/AOS" and let me through. She also "Cancelled Without Prejudice" my expired H1-B visa stampI did not have to show any documents other than my pass…