Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Migrating from a 10.5 macbook to a 10.7 macbook pro

  1. Most impressed by migration: just needed to hook up my time machine disk to the new machine in in 2 hours my WHOLE computer was transplanted onto the new mac, including applications and frameworks.
  2. When I went to run eclipse (Helios) I was asked to install java runtime, which the OS installer found and installed by itself.
  3. The fast login switching, not so useful for single user laptops and also takes up menubar space with your name can be removed from system preferences (here).
  4. Spaces threw me: from here, we see that the way to add new spaces is to go into misson control (middle click) and then move the pointer to the top right hand corner to add a new desktop.
  5. To use the existing time machine backup (so you keep your history etc), however, all the files seem to be copied over afresh - so you get a new snapshot which uses a lot of space - the first new backup is not incremental.
  6. The screen looks different - the colors are brighter - but perhaps my old macbook's lcd was just fading.
  7. Two new bangla input methods are available and built in, though I am yet to try them properly.

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