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CS:S map making with Hammer editor

Valve's definitive guide is here.A nice set of tutorials here. Entity guide Navigation point helper guide.Notes

CT/T spawn
Insert entities "info_player_counterterrorist" or "info_player_terrorist". The number of entities you place is the max number of player spawnValve suggests about 20 points per team 128 units apart Placing lights
Do this in the end - debugging is harder with all those fancy lights Make sure they are not recessed into ceilings/walls - use the 3D camera view to place light.Do not name lights (if you do you should know what you are doing).Buy Zones/Bomb plant zones
Select tools/toolstrigger for texture, make a block with this texture where you want the buy zone. Click "toEntity", select "func_buyzone" from the dropdown list. Set the appropriate team name from the drop down. For bomb zones, do the same first step, then select "func_bomb".

Texture one face of a solid
Press shift + A to bring up texture applicatio…

Mac OS Lion PPoE bug

In system preferences->Network create a new PPoE connection. Check "show modem status in menu bar"A symbol "<...>" appears in the menu barDelete the PPoE connectionThe symbol remains in the menu bar and it is not possible to remove it until ...... you create a new PPoE connection, uncheck "show modem status..." and then delete it