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Mr. Cheng and the Insurance salesmen

Starting some time in the first week of June I began to receive calls every five minutes, during working hours, on my prepaid cellphone. These numbers where not in my phonebook. Sometimes when I would pick up the phone would simply be disconnected. Most of the time, however, the caller would ask for Mr. Cheng.

Upon asking I would be informed that a Mr. Cheng had filled out an online form for insurance information and they were calling back about that.

Of course a cynical guy like me thinks, that's a shady story. I highly doubt that a Mr. Cheng would fillout at least 20 online forms with my cellphone number for them to contact me.

I think it is more likely this is some kind of dodgy move to get around the do not call list legalities.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC, but here is a list of the shady phone numbers so you can add them to your blocklist if you so wish.

Calling these numbers goes straight to voicemail and they are all insurance companies whom I will not name and gi…

Mount a file server on Linux (OpenSUSE)

First create a folder (say LabServer) where you have permissions.

Then do:

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/kghose/LabServer -o username=user123

If you add the noperm option as

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/kghose/LabServer -o username=user123,noperm

Then you don't have to deal with annoying permissions issues that might prevent you from writing to the disk