Friday, July 19, 2013

Bug in Tk Listbox

Run the script below. Clicking on the window will fire off <<ListboxSelect>> events even though the widget is disabled. Keyboard actions do not fire this event.

import Tkinter as tki

def selection_changed(event):
  print 'Selection changed'

root = tki.Tk()
listbox = tki.Listbox(root, selectmode=tki.BROWSE)
listbox.pack(side='left', fill='both', expand=True)
listbox.bind('<>', selection_changed)

Python bug ticket:  18506  (The python guys bounced me to the Tcl/Tk guys)
Tcl/Tk bug ticket: 67c8e8bd71

UPDATE: Is the same as a previously reported bug (1288433). Given that is has been open for 7 years, with a seemingly minor fix, it would appear that it won't be fixed any time soon. The work around is to check to see if the listbox is disabled before processing the event.

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