Monday, October 14, 2013

The one thing I would have changed in 'Gravity'

Gravity is a great movie on many levels. It can't quite beat 2001 for solitude, desolation and a tiny cast, but its good. The three actors, Clooney, Bullock and Sir Newton do a great job and work well together, though there is not much by way of character development.

There is one raging issue that I have though. It only lasts 20 seconds in the movie and I don't quite know why its there. 

So here are Clooney and Bullock drifting towards the ISS. They get entangled in the parachute cords which stops their momentum relative to the ISS. Then, for some inexplicably reason, for 20 seconds Sir Isaac Newton goes on coffee break but the crew keep filming! Clooney is pulled by some mysterious phantom force that affects only him and Bullock but not the ISS. Clooney cuts himself loose and slingshots outward. Bullock kind of drifts back, so you know Sir Newton is slowly waking up from the coffee, but not quite, so it's not really clear what's going on.

Here's a tweak I would make to those 20 seconds that would keep Ike in the cast and keep everything else intact:
Clooney and Bullock are drifting towards the ISS. Clooney's jet pack runs out of gas, but their vector isn't close enough. They are going to miss the ISS by 20m or so and they will both die. Clooney unhooks himself from a semi-conscious Bullock, hurls her in the right vector for an ISS intercept and directs her into the airlock as he goes spinning into space.

Personally, as Bullock, I would hurry as fast as I could to get into the Soyuz to rescue Clooney, but whatever, fire in space is cool and I would have stopped and stared too.

I really can't understand why this discrepancy is there in movie where the folks seem to have worked somewhat hard to bring us the wonderful world of Newton's laws with no net external force.

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