Monday, December 17, 2012

Recover music files from iPod (Windows)

Problem: The computer with the original music is out of operation, leaving the only copy of music on the iPod. How to get the music back

On windows:
  1. Connect the iPod
  2. Double click on the iPod icon to open the folder
  3. It will list four folders none of which contain music. The music folder is hidden
  4. Press ALT+T to expose the tools menu
  5. Click on tools and show hidden files
  6. Enter the iPod_Controller folder
  7. Copy all the subfolders under this into a temporary directory (say /OldMusic) on the new computer (the music files are here)
  8. Select all music directories under  /OldMusic and uncheck hidden (the folders are hidden)
  9. Open up iTunes
  10. Click ALT to bring up the menu bar
  11. Click File->Add folder to add the folders to the library

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