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Chasing the ceramic soap dish

So, the bathroom has a ceramic soap-dish and it has fallen off the wall and broken. All it needs is a new one, some liquid nails (or grout) and some caulk. Easy peasy, no?
Well, apparently the ceramic soap dish has gone out of style. My neighborhood hardware store did not have it. I went to home depot. They directed me to bed bath and beyond. Bed directed me to home depot. Target did not have it. Another neighborhood hardware store directed me to a tile company. They did not have it. I did find it on Amazon but it was going to be shipped, and I wanted it soon. I finally found it at Lowes but in the flooring section.
I used grout to attach the soap dish. I lathered it liberally on the back and on the green board. I also took this chance to touch up the grout on the tiles, but I think I'll have another go at the tiles. My only tip is to have a plan for holding the dish in place before you slap it on the wall. It can get awkward otherwise ...


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