Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Stages Crib

This is a convertible, full size, crib. It requires a moderate amount of assembly and at one point (where you attach the mattress board onto the frame) it helps to have two people, but I could do it by myself with some creative positioning. We got the natural wood version which looks very nice to us.

The construction of the crib is very good and the design is well thought out - with special consideration because it is meant to be modified at different stages of the owner's life. The main frame members are made of a solid but somewhat soft wood. Each piece is thick and strong, but fairly easy to dent, so care must be taken when working around it with metal tools or moving it. The pieces are joined using metal bolts. The bolts screw on to metal nuts embedded in the wood, allowing for repeated disassembly without wearing down the wood.

The wood was not aired out sufficiently at the factory and gave off a rather strong smell of varnish when we opened the package. I would say it took one month in a decently ventilated room (it was winter, so we kept the windows closed at night) for the odor to vanish.

The width and shape of the crib requires that it be disassembled before moving through standard sized doors.

One thing, which we did not consider, is that the baby will not need this crib in the first few months. We ended up using the crib as a rack for clothes and a place to put toys while the baby slept in the bassinet.

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