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USB drive won't remove : Optimizing TSVN cache

External USB drive, won't eject (remove safely), says its busy.

Running fsutil does not help.

Running process explorer (as admin) shows that TSVNcache.exe is holding onto folders I've recently accessed, even though I have closed the folder. What's up?

From here we see that this is from the Totoise SVN client and it is the process that puts those nice SVN icons on the folders. This webpage also tells us how to prevent TSVN from running on all folders and only on those we store our code in:

Go to SVN settings/Look and feel/Icons and set the exclude paths (or include paths). Kill TSVNcache.exe and voila, your hard drive will be let go.

I wonder if this has something to do with explorer nuking itself randomly?

Sometimes even this doesn't work, and its a small bug in Vista and XP [from here].

I just set the policies for 'quick removal' (no caching) and don't worry about safe removal anymore.


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